Alexandre Mahé

My name is Alexandre Mahé, I am 25 years old, and I am originally from Brittany. I am currently based in Paris, where I have been working for several years now.

However, my thirst for adventure and discovery leads me to travel a lot, in France and abroad. Besides the feeling of freedom, travelling allows me to meet a lot of new people and to discover a lot of new places, things I have been used to immortalize for several years thanks to my camera.

Being able to stop time is what I like most about photography: everything is going so fast that you hardly have time to realise what is happening around you.

This is directly related to my pseudonym "alexlivesonce", meaning that I only live once, as each photo I take allows me to stop time, to savour each moment more and to create memories.

Until then a hobby, I decided in 2022 to devote all my time to it by leaving my job as a data project manager to become a freelance photographer, and thus live from my passion.

Through the site, you can discover the reasons why I most often draw my camera, namely portraits, products or cars, but also and especially to capture beautiful landscapes.

To follow my adventures more closely, feel free to follow me on Instagram!